Our locations

Our main practice location is 23 Veronica St, Cardiff, Newcastle.

We also consult at East Maitland and Gosford, once each month. All sites offer relatively easy parking, accessibility to public transport and easy access from major highways.

Phone and fax numbers, along with our email are on the contact tab.

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Inside the rooms

The practice is first and foremost dedicated to children.

We understand that children and adults can feel anxious and uncertain visiting a surgeon for the first time.

We want to help you and your child relax. you will be cared for by our small group of dedicated, friendly and energetic staff there are quilts and posters on the wall and John has a huge bear in his office named “Hiram”.

There are no surgical procedures performed at the rooms.

Private practice

We see ALL our clients (public and private) at the rooms. This allows us to achieve good quality, timely care outside the constraints of the public system. Having access to both public and private hospitals completes that service for those requiring surgery.

Appointments and Fees

Routine appointments are usually within 3 weeks. Urgent appointments are same day. John does emergency on-call 1-in-4 at the John Hunter hospital. Unfortunately, this means that booked appointments sometimes need to be re-scheduled. You will always be advised of any fees (for consultations and procedures) before an appointment is made.