There are 3 principles in my holistic approach to surgery. Following all of them is critical to a good outcome.

  • 1We are all different to each other in so many ways - ways we're born with and others that develop as we grow. For me, surgery is about a detailed understanding of these differences and how a particular difference affects a person and their family. Essentially, deciding if it is a "problem" for this person

  • 2Understanding the complex physiology of the child and both their personal and family's emotional needs means that I can help in deciding which of the available options (both surgical and nonsurgical) is best for that individual at that time.
  • 3It doesn’t matter whether a baby/ child/ adolescent has a common problem (like a skin lump or groin hernia) or something complicated (like a congenital malformation of their oesophagus or a malignant tumour).... whatever it is, when I am dealing with that individual’s problem, it is the most important thing that I have to do at that time.

It is perhaps something of a paradox that, as a surgeon, my bias is towards finding non-surgical options. I certainly will not suggest or agree to surgery unless I feel it is the best option.